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Reasors Proudly Serving

If you live in Northeast Oklahoma and you grew up here, there are a few memories you’ll have that are uniquely Green Country.  Who can forget Uncle Zeb, Gusty or the old commercials of Larry Reasor?  Those commercials are pure nostalgia for most of us but those commercials say a lot about the kind of man Larry Reasor was, and the kind of business that he ran.  He knew what his customers wanted:  to laugh during the news and to find the foods they want in the grocery store they like to shop in.

I was lucky enough to know Larry and some of my memories of him are that he always had a smile to share, he always had a new joke and he had a sincere love for people.  When I was a child and saw him somewhere it seemed he always had a magic trick to show me.  There is a card trick that I taught to my own children that I was taught by Larry Reasor.  His humor and his love for people showed through.  Most people only knew him by the commercials that showcased his humor but Larry was a sharp business man with an innate sense of how to please the customer.  Such a simple concept but “give them what they want” really works.

Larry opened his first grocery store in Tahlequah June 3, 1963 with two goals in mind.  Put the customer first and sell them the foods they want to buy.  Fifty years later, that vision is just as true.  Larry passed away in 2004 but his memory is honored by his family and Reasor’s Foods has never deterred from Larry’s original vision.

Larry’s son Jeff Reasor is now the Chairman and CEO of the company.  The chain has grown to 17 stores and there are three more locations coming soon.  The store employs more than 3,000 employees in Green Country and the “family business” made a big move in 2007 when it became employee-owned.

Larry’s son, Jeff and his brothers grew up working in the store, so Jeff learned early the concept of hard work and friendly service.  He grew up in the business and learned important business concepts from his father.  Business has evolved over the last 50 years, new technology and branding strategies have changed the market drastically, but Reasor’s has adapted with the changes.  The things Larry taught Jeff that will never change is the strong work ethic needed to make a business grow and that the customer always comes first.

Walk into any of the Reasor’s stores and you will find the best customer service, the friendliest staff and the best assortment of grocery items around.  Reasor’s is known for its great quality meat and produce departments, but you will also find organic and gluten free options, great ethnic food finds, a well-stocked deli, bakery, floral and pharmacy departments, private label products (Red Bud Farms) with excellent quality and one of my favorite things about Reasor’s is that if there is ever a product that you can’t find in their store, just ask them.  I’ve done this myself and what I’ve found is the next time I shop, there the item sits on the shelf waiting on me.

Reasor’s is continually introducing new programs to benefit its customers too. The Reasor’s Rewards loyalty program can save you a bundle on gas.  They are partnered with Quiktrip and for every $50 you spend at Reasor’s, you get points to use at the pump.  Their newest program, the NuVal Nutrition ranking system, takes the guess work out of reading labels.  Get the details about reading NuVal the next time you shop.  It’s an eye opener for sure.

In fifty years, the little grocery store on the corner has grown into an employee-owned company expanding throughout Green Country providing “The Right Stuff” at “The Right Price” and we at The Pulse couldn’t be prouder to see a local and community minded business thrive.

Don’t miss the celebration specials being offered by Reasor’s this summer.  Visit their website or Facebook for more information.  You’ll also find all the details and some of those old commercials, just for fun on our website and our Facebook page

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